Soaking in a hot tub is really soothing, and there are many accessories to make the most of your time in the tub. But, how to choose the best hot tub accessories?

Some are made for better enjoyment, while others are for maintenance purposes. I have carefully selected the 10 best products that meet various user needs. Don’t forget to check the buyer’s guide below, as more insights will be provided.

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  1. MY TOP PICK: Blue Wave NP5022 Low Mount Spa Cover Lift
  2. RUNNER UP: Vacuum and Hot Tub Cleaner
  3. Hot Tub Spa & Bath Aromatherapy Fragrance
  4. Essential Values 2 Pack Hot Tub
  5. Intex PureSpa Cup Holder

Best hot tub accessories – Quick comparison

Product image Product name Editor's rating Price
Blue Wave NP5022 Low Mount Spa Cover Lift 4.9 See lastest price
Vacuum and Hot Tub Cleaner 4.8 See lastest price
Hot Tub Spa & Bath Aromatherapy Fragrance 4.8 See lastest price
Essential Values 2 Pack Hot Tub 4.7 See lastest price
Intex PureSpa Cup Holder 4.7 See lastest price
Tube Thermometer 4.7 See lastest price
Hot Tub Booster Cushion 4.6 See lastest price
Multi Purpose 2-Step Spa Hot Tub Pool 4.6 See lastest price
Guardian Better Hot Tub Handrail 4.6 See lastest price
Replacement SmartChlor Cartridge 3 Pack 4.5 See lastest price

What are hot tub accessories?

As the name suggests, hot tub accessories are extra items or pieces of equipment to enhance your hot tub experience. There are luxury hot tub accessories like unbreakable wine glasses, deluxe pillows, audio systems, and the likes. However, the best hot tub supplies are not necessarily the most expensive ones.

There are small yet affordable accessories that count in big ways. Functional items like cover lifters or cushions make it more comfortable to use your hot tub, whereas entertainment items like fragrance or cup holders are meant to enrich your time in the tub, offering bathers a more relaxing experience.

Do I really need hot tub accessories?

Yes, you do! What types of accessories you purchase will largely depend on your specific needs and how you want to enjoy your spa experience.

While some hot tub owners are only interested in practical accessories to improve the comfort of their family bonding time, others are keen on fancy and daring items to impress their party guests.

That said, as long as some added-on tools, gadgets, or toys give you an enjoyable retreat in your hot tub, then they’re totally worth your investment.

What accessories do I need for my hot tub?

 1. Hot tub cover lift

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A hot tub soak can help to loosen tight muscles, ease painful joints and release stress. Now, after having a good time in the tub, you’ll need to get the hot tub cover back onto its top, and it is not a simple task for one person.

Then, the best hot tub cover lift will come in handy in this case. Removing and replacing the hot tub cover becomes quick and easy, as this accessory gives you extra help to make this task effortless.

Opening and closing your hot tub easier means that you can have more regular water chemistry checks and more frequent maintenance. Better yet, you can also have solo soaks without straining your back when you open or close the tub cover.

The Blue Wave NP5022 Low Mount Spa cover lift provides a perfect solution to cover and uncover your hot tub with ease. Made with premium powder-coated steel, the lift is one of the best outdoor hot tub accessories for its resistance to rust and corrosion.

Thanks to this high-quality material, this cover lift has superior sturdiness and durability, making it stand out from others on the market.

What I like

  • Easy to use
  • Good value for money
  • Well-constructed with powder-coated steel
  • Compatible with many hot tub shapes (square or rectangle)

What to improve

  • The nuts inside the bracket are hard to tighten
  • The installation instructions are a bit vague

2.  Hot tub cleaner

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Spending time in a hot tub can soothe tight muscles and help you sleep better. But keeping it clean, especially if you have kids, seems to be a very time-consuming process that might require draining the water.

While some people hire professional cleaners, you can save this cost by cleaning the tub yourself with a hot tub cleaner.

Besides helping you keep the tub clean and clear, it also minimizes the use of chemicals like bromine or chlorine. Aqua brooms with good suction strength are capable of cleaning both small and large debris, keeping your tub in good condition, thus, extending its life.

The POOL BLASTER Water Tech aqua broom is easy to use as it’s lightweight. Though this tool does not require forced air for operation, it picks up debris and dirt particles that you can’t see.

Besides, it’s designed to attach to any hot tub poles, making it a versatile hot tub cleaner.

What I like

  • Lightweight and easy to operate
  • Extended run time (up to 3 hours)
  • Easy-grip handle for convenient cleaning
  • The filter bag is reusable
  • Built-in wheels for enhanced versatility

What to improve

  • Turning it on and off is a bit tricky.
  • Water can sometimes leak in the battery compartment.

3. Hot tub fragrance

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While immersing in the tub, you can also reap the amazing effects of aromatherapy fragrance to further enhance your experience in the tub’s warm water.

Hot tub fragrances can increase relaxation, mask the annoying smells of chemicals, and moisturize your skin.

The InSPAration 152 Aromatherapy fragrance assortment has 50 packets of fantastic choices of scents, providing various sensation and stress-relieving benefits. They promote total relaxation while not leaving oily residues in your hot tub water.

What is more important, it does not screw with the water pH and alkalinity while scenting your relaxation time and moisturizing your skin with a gentle formulation.

Why spending on an expensive spa to retreat yourself while creating an authentic home spa experience is so accessible?

What I like

  • It comes with various scents.
  • It does not affect water chemistry.
  • Free of chemical odors
  • Gently moistures bathers’ skin

What to improve

  • Some packs have a light smell.
  • The capsules are hard to open.

4. Hot tub defoamer

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Foamy hot tub water keeps us from having a good time. Regular use can cause foam because bathers’ soaps, deodorant, hair,  body oil, or lotions gradually accumulated in the water.

If these substances are left untreated on the surface of your hot tub water, they will build up and form foam. Besides, poor water balance is also another common reason for foamy water.

Fortunately, this issue is an easy fix with a high-quality type of defoamer. Hot tub defoamers, true to their names, are made to reduce or eliminate the formation of foam.

Defoamers can attack contaminants such as lotion, oil, or soaps, leaving the hot tub water crystal clear again. Adding a few drops to the water and the foam will disappear in minutes.

The Essential Values hot tub defoamer knocks down the foam instantly as it is engineered to combat fluids that cause foaming headaches.

More importantly, this product does not disrupt your hot tub water chemistry while ensuring ease of use to combat all foaming challenges.

What I like

  • Eco-friendly formula
  • Works fast (within seconds)
  • Has no odors
  • It does not affect other chemicals used in the tub
  • Only require a small amount to work effectively

What to improve

  • Leave floaters in the tub.
  • Turns water to a milky color (when the jet is on)

5. Hot tub cup holders

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Soaking in a hot tub offers undeniable health benefits, but the high heat of warm water can quickly make you feel dehydrated. That said, it’s best to keep hydrating beverages (like fruit juice or coconut water) close by when enjoying your soak.

An attachable cup holder comes in handy for this purpose. It can be firmly attached to the side of your hot tub to hold your refreshments securely. Thanks to this little accessory, keeping a watchful eye on your fluid intake while soaking is easier than ever.

The Intex PureSpa cup holder is made to upgrade your hot tub soaking sessions, as it can be easily attached to the tub’s wall.

This cup holder provides two beverage containers and a flat space to keep other snacks while you spa, making it one of the best inflatable hot tub accessories.

What I like

  • Handy and sturdy
  • It perfectly fits bottles and cans
  • Sit nicely over the tub edge
  • Does not easily move or slide

What to improve

  • It does not hold bigger-sized beer bottles
  • Hard to fit big-sized spas

6. Hot tub thermometer

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Slipping into your hot tub after a long and hectic working day helps you destress and release tension.

As a hot tub owner, you might have been aware of the fact that getting the right temperature for your hot tub is a must, to ensure a safe and relaxing experience.

Even though your hot tub comes with a built-in heater or high limit sensor, keeping a thermometer handy is always recommended. It provides the necessary information on your water temperature, helping you spot problems like overheating before you step into the tub.

The Pentair R141036 127 Tube thermometer is a smart device that gives you precise temperature readings, keeping you informed of any potential failure of hot tub heating systems. Knowing all of this crucial information will make sure that you will soak in optimal safety and comfort.

What I like

  • Well-made and durable
  • It comes with a long cord (3-feet)
  • Provides accurate readings
  • The unit smoothly sinks in the hot tub bottom
  • Readings are easy to read

What to improve

  • The nylon rope is difficult to replace
  • The tub’s interior easily get stained

7. Hot tub cushion

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Cushions add extra comfort to your hot tub soak. They’re perfect solutions to raise small people. Well-made booster cushions allow these people to get into a better position to have the jets massage their back and shoulders like how a hot tub is supposed to work on bathers’ muscles.

They’re convenient for kids in keeping them above the water on deeper seats so that they can relax with other members of the family. For those who need added back support, a hot tub cushion is a must-have accessory.

The Belize hot tub booster cushion solves a commonly seen problem that small hot tub users face: the lack of height to fully enjoy the massaging effects of hot tub jets. It’s also a useful added-on accessory to use in wooden or soft hot tubs.

This booster cushion also comes with side handle straps and a removable outer cover, offering you ease of use and extended durability.

What I like

  • Simple to use
  • Thick and cushy to ensure comfort
  • Softcore for optimal enjoyment
  • Easy to remove for drying thanks to side handle straps
  • The outer cover is machine-washable

What to improve

  • It does not provide enough boost.
  • Hard to position because it floats

8. Hot tub steps

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Unless your hot tub comes with a supporting structure like a built-in or separate platform or a deck, chances are you’ll need hot tub steps to get in and out. They provide accessibility and safety for easy entry and exit. Just simple as that!

Safety is what matters the most here. Well-built steps should be made from sturdy, non-slip, and moisture-hesitant materials.

XtremepouwerUS 75161 2 steps meet these requirements. They come in different pieces but take you only 5 minutes to snap them together. No tools required!

Made of high-quality polymer, these steps are lightweight. Despite its minimal weight, the steps are solid and wide enough for easy stepping on.

Not only their anti-slip grooves are helpful, but the grayish finishing is also aesthetically pleasing, fitting most hot tub designs sold on the market, regardless of straight or curved models.

What I like

  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy yet lightweight
  • Steps are wide
  • Versatile color and design
  • Artful anti-slip patterns

What to improve

  • Exclusion of bottom rubber (can slide if not careful)
  • A bit wobbly for heavy people

9.  Hot tub handrail

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Together with the hot tub steps, hot tub handrails are also essential accessories to help you get in and out of the tub steadily.

The best handrails should be built from solid materials to withstand any bathers’ weight, removing the worry of falling while increasing their peace of mind.

The Guardian Better hot tub handrail is such a tool. Its ease of installation ensures instant use right off the box. There is no need to drill the spa cabinet; you only need to slide it under the hot tub base.

In addition, its bottom plate is constructed of thick steel, providing extra sturdiness for the rail.

The handles are extremely well-made of coated stainless steel to provide years of service. Last but not least, the rail is highly flexible; you can rotate the top part to four different positions, allowing the ease of entry and exit.

What I like

  • Easy to install (no drilling required)
  • Constructed from stainless steel
  • The lock knob is easy to access while soaking
  • Graphite finish for enhanced durability

What to improve

  • Difficult to wedge under the tub.
  • The instruction manual is unclear.

10. Hot tub cartridge

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Hot tub bathers bring in all sorts of debris into the water. These contaminants can be anything from hair to sweat, from deodorant to sun cream.

Hot tub cartridges help to maintain sparkling clean hot tub water, ensuring proper chemical balance. Improved water clarity also means longer life for your hot tub pieces of equipment.

It should be noted that the fabric fibers of the cartridges tend to stretch over time. This wear and tear gradually, reducing their ability to trap dirt and debris. Given this, periodical replacement is necessary to maintain its proper performance.

Hot tub professionals recommend that after cleaning your cartridge about 10 to 12 times, it’s time to replace it. Alternatively, you can also set an annual replacement schedule to avoid any delays.

The FROG @ease Replacement SmartChlor Cartridge makes short work of keeping the proper water balance levels. No need to have a regular check on your water chlorine, pH, and other chemicals. No more hassles of trying to remember to keep the right amount of chemicals in your hot tub. It makes hot tub maintenance an auto routine.

You only need to throw this in; then the chemistry stays in its ideal range for weeks, so hot tub users can rejoice in the soothing effect of warm water without worrying about its hygiene and safety.

The system is designed to automatically turn upside down when it’s empty. So when it floats to the top of your hot tub, simply replace another one.

What I like

  • Convenient to use
  • Cost-effective
  • No spillage or smell
  • It does not bleach the tub or damage its parts

 What to improve

  • A little pricey
  • It does not last very long.

Buyer’s guide for choosing the best hot tub accessories

This buyer’s guide will bring you some useful insights to make a well-informed purchase decision. When shopping for hot tub accessories, focus on these three groups: products for quality life, entertainment, and maintenance. So read on as we explore more on their benefits.

Products for quality life

Most hot tub owners use it as a place to seek comfort and relaxation. After a hard-working day, a dip in your hot tub works wonders. The warm water and massaging jets loosen tight muscles, ease painful joints and release stress.

Now, if you’re among this large group of hot tub users, chances are you’ll need products that improve the quality of your soak in the tub.

Items like a cover lift, cushions, a hot tub holder, a thermometer are must-have accessories. They give you a deep blissful relaxation while you lay back to unwind.

Hot tub fragrances and defoamers also maximize your enjoyment. Hence, I put them in this group as well. The delightful smell of fragrance creates a perfect environment for stress relief; a defoamer quickly reduces foaming.

Lastly, items that ensure your safety, like handrails or hot tub steps, are also much-needed. They prevent you from falling and getting injured, so do not underestimate their importance.

Products for entertainment

If you plan to invite friends or colleagues over to your house for a party, entertainment products create a unique experience, taking away the boredom while you’re in the hot tub.

While some prefer the peaceful retreat of family bonding, others believe sharing good time with friends in the tub is more fun.

That said, adding some liveliness to your weekend party by using a waterproof floating speaker is a great idea. It has excellent stereo sound – an awesome gadget for party people.

Similarly, waterproof stereo, playing cards, or UNO will also do the trick.

While premium hot tub models might have been already equipped with an entertainment system, you can still improve them.

A floating light system gives you romantic nights in your hot tub, while a television monitor can bring your favorite TV shows to you while you’re having a deep soak.

What if you want to connect your home devices to your hot tub? With Bluetooth connectivity, streaming music or audiobooks is a piece of cake.

Just make sure that you don’t stay in the hot tub longer than 30 minutes to avoid getting dehydrated or dizzy.

Products for maintenance

We can only make the most of our time in the hot tub if it is properly and regularly maintained. Making sure your hot tub water has the right amount of sanitizers is the key to prevent contaminants.

Aside from using chlorine or bromine, you also need to filter and shock it periodically.

If the tub has been sitting for months, you might need to drain, refill and re-adjust the chemicals to ensure it’s clean and has the right water balance.

While all of these steps might take lots of time, there are shortcuts you can take.

Investing in hot tub maintenance products like cleaner or replacement cartridge can make hot tub maintenance a breeze. Equipping yourself with the right tools always makes most tasks more manageable, and hot tub maintenance is not an exception.  

Last words,

There are so many accessories to create a more relaxing and stress-relieving hot tub experience. While some are made to improve the quality of your soaking time, others simply mean to make your soak more fun. The best hot tub accessories are those that fit your using habits and needs the most.

If you simply want to maximize your relaxation, products for quality life or maintenance are necessary. If you’re throwing a party with friends and families, then products for entertainment will ensure a fun experience.

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