Anyone who owns a home spa understands the importance of the best hot tub cover lifter. Traditional covers are always too heavy or difficult to operate at home. The fact that it may slip any time due to its weight may concern your wife and kid when using.

Therefore, a spa cover lifter will be a clever solution for your household. It can protect and lengthen your tub’s life span. If you are looking for a cover to use with ease, try out these hot tub cover lifters and you’ll find your life is elevated!

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  1. MY TOP PICK: The Cover Rock-It
  2. RUNNER UP: Cover Valet NP509
  3. MySpaCover Hydraulic
  4. Blue Wave NP5022
  5. LOVATIC SpaEase 200

Best Hot Tub Cover Lifter – Quick Comparison

Product image Product name Editor's rating Price
hot tub cover lifter The Cover Rock-It 4.9 See lastest price
hot tub lifter Cover Valet NP509 4.8 See lastest price
MySpaCover Hydraulic 4.8 See lastest price
Blue Wave NP5022 4.7 See lastest price
LOVATIC SpaEase 200 4.7 See lastest price
UltraLift Under Mount 4.6 See lastest price
Smart Spa CoverClassic Classic 4.6 See lastest price
Cover Valet CV400 4.5 See lastest price
Cover Caddy Cover Valet 4.5 See lastest price
Puri Tech Rock 4.5 See lastest price

What is a hot tub cover lifter?

A cover lifter is a product specially designed to remove the lid of the hot tub easily and quickly. This product is especially suitable for use in winter or cold climates all year round.

There are two popular hot tub cover lifter types on the market today: manual and automatic. For the manual type, you have to lift the tub’s lid via the manual lift bar while the automatic type allows you to use it via the remote control.

Type of cover lifters

1. Shelf cover lifter

This type of cover lifter has a fairly simple design with an economical cost for your family.

For this product, a shelf will be attached to the back or side of the hot tub. To lift the hot tub lid, all you have to do is fold the cover and slide it on the shelf.

A shelf cover lifter with a roller design included will help you push the cover onto the shelf easier.

Most shelf cover lifters will take up quite a lot of space. So you must carefully consider the space of your home before buying this hot tub cover lifter. However, nowadays, many types of shelf cover lifter can be folded back to help your home space less cramped.

The shelf cover lifter does not lift the hot tub lid for you. They are simply a support tool to make your work faster and easier.

2. Manual pivot cover lifter

A manual pivot cover lifter is ideal if you want a product that will help lift the lid of your hot tub without spending too much on your budget.

A manual pivot cover lifter is designed with a long horizontal metal bar in the middle of the tub cover. Each end of the metal rod is attached to a support with a rotating shaft. With the stabilizer in the middle, you can fold your cover in half, or you can lift it and push it back.

The cover will hang on the metal bar vertically, so you have successfully moved the hot tub cover. If you want to close the cover, just drag it back to its original position.

One thing to keep in mind for the manual pivot cover lifter is that the tub cover will protrude over the top of the hot tub. This will obscure your view. If you intend to choose this machine, let’s consider the appropriate installation location.

3. Hydraulic cover lifter

The hydraulic cover lifter is rated higher than the 2 cover lifter types mentioned above. However, it is more expensive.

Hydraulic cover lifter uses hydraulic pistons in combination with the cover handle. This will save your effort of lifting the cover of the hot tub as the pistons will bear the maximum weight of the cover.

A hydraulic cover lifter is relatively simple to install and use. First, you mount the brackets on your cabinet. Then, attach one arm horizontally between your cover.

The way to use a hydraulic cover lifter is also simple. You simply fold the lid, then point it up and back, the hydraulic arms will bear the cover’s weight.

Similar to the manual pivot cover lifter, the hydraulic cover lifter has the disadvantage of limiting the user’s vision. However, with many continuous improvements, this product now can give you a 360-degree view by lowering the lid cover to the ground for storage.

Review on top 10 best-rated hot tub cover lifters

1. Cover Valet The Rock-It

hot tub cover lifter

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Rock-It could be the best undermount hot tub cover lifter for those who don’t want the hassle of draining the tub before installation. The cover includes two small panels to attach to the 2 sides of the spa. Therefore, you don’t need to drain the water beforehand.

The Rock-It can also slide down behind the spa to free your views. Instead of blocking the view as some other covers, it gives you a 360-degree view with only 18 inches of space needed to slide down.

One more clever material choice is the zinc-plated bars. The zinc layer helps to prevent the cover from becoming rustic. In an environment with high humidity such as a bathtub, this is a great choice.

The bars are joined by padded joints making them easier and more comfortable to use. The Cover Valet Rock-It suits perfectly any bathtubs within 96 inches in diameter.


  • Smart design: easy to install, simply fixed by the weight of the bath
  • Easy to use with smooth cushioning joints
  • There is a zinc coating to protect against rust damage
  • It takes up less space and does not block the view
  • The price is very cheap and worth the money


  • There are some tubs due to the structure or size that need to be rinsed and raised to install the cover.
  • The cover is fixed with the weight of the tub only if you install it on a level surface.

2. Cover Valet NP509 Spa Cover Lift and Caddy

hot tub lifter

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If you are looking for a hot tub cover lifter that even your kids can use, Lift and Caddy – another product from the Cover Valet brand would be the ideal choice.

Designed with air springs, any member of your family can easily open or replace them. Lift and Caddy has a clearance of 36 inches. Besides, you can save a lot of effort with the adjustable height of this cover.

This will be a great product if your bathtub is not angled. Lots of users will find it annoying to have to put a square cover over their round corner tub. With its rounded design of corners, the Lift and Caddy will fit wonderfully.

Coming from Cover Valet, Lift and Caddy also ensures that the product will be strong and long-lasting with its powder coating. This layer will help the parts of the cover to last longer without being damaged or rusted.


  • Optimal design for all hot tub shapes, including rounded corners.
  • The design of gas springs makes operating the cover easier and easy to install.
  • A high-quality aluminum layer and powder coating help prevent damage, rust.
  • Adjustable height.


  • It is necessary to remove the water completely before installation.
  • The space to free up for the cover is quite large.

3. MySpaCover Hydraulic Cover Lifter

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MySpaCover hydraulic cover lifter can be considered as the best hydraulic hot tub cover lifter in the mid-low price range.

With the hydraulic power embedded in the cover, lifting/lowering as well as removing the hot tub cover becomes much more gentle and convenient. In addition to the adjustable height of the cover, the bars are made of aluminum, the powder coating will cover all of these parts for preservation.

The product will work best on hot tubs that are square rather than round. It also requires lifting the tub while freeing up 18 inches of space behind the spa for proper installation and operation.

Although there are not too many differences or stand out from many other products, in the price range of under $200, this is also a product you can consider buying for convenience and stable quality.


  • The hydraulic system helps to lift/lower the cover easily
  • Reasonable price and consistent quality
  • Powder-coated aluminum material helps to avoid rust


  • Need to use drills and a strong arm for installation
  • Installation instructions are a bit confusing
  • Not suitable for inground tubs or narrow spaces

4. Blue Wave NP5022 Low Mount

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Literally, Blue Wave NP5022 is the best top mount hot tub cover lifter you can find at the lowest price.

Cheap products do not mean poor quality. On the contrary, for those on a tight budget, Blue Wave NP5022 still provides you with a fully functional hot tub cover with guaranteed quality: premium aluminum material coated with anti-rust powder coating.

It is designed and operated very simply with a rotating arm and foam handle to lift and lower the cover manually. When lowered, the lid folds down on the back of the tub, giving you an intact view as you relax in the hot tub.

To fold/open the lid, you also need 4 more feet of space. However, due to its sleek design, its installation is quite simple – it’s fine with one person. The low-profile design also allows your kids to operate it properly without you around.


  • Good price
  • High-quality powder-coated steel structure
  • The low profile design requires very little clearance space
  • Foam for comfortable use


  • Designed only for square or rectangular hot tubs
  • Not too sure – some clients complain about it being perishable

5. LOVATIC SpaEase 200

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Although the price is higher than that of MySpaCover, Lovatic SpaEase 200 proves its value in its outstanding features: our best automatic hot tub cover lifter choice.

This is almost a rare tub cover product with a combination of both steel and aluminum. This rugged construction makes it suitable for heavy use. It also has support for extra durability.

Don’t worry about the material making it difficult to use. A dual pistol combination lifter with a Reverse Pneumatic Technology (RPT) will assist you to lift/lower your cover automatically to prevent heat loss.

The cover plate is suitable for hot tubs in a square or rectangular shape. The maximum size of the spa for the best working cover is 96 ”. At the same time, it also requires 10 “- 12” backspace and 6 “on the sides.


  • Designed to accommodate large square or rectangular spas up to 96 inches wide
  • Small clearance required
  • Hydraulic RPT lifting system with dual-piston
  • Strong steel and aluminum construction


  • Heavy construction
  • Suitable for square or rectangular tub only

6. UltraLift Under Mount

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UltraLift Under Mount Spa Cover Lift is such a great hot tub cover lifter with a big size available.

This cover from renowned UltraLift is designed to be suitable for all sizes of baths, even up to 109″. It will work best for square bathtubs, but if with a rounded angle below 16″ radius, it can still be used effectively.

If you are bothered because your bathtub is too large, this giant monster UltraLift will be a useful tool. Despite the size, this cover only requires a space of about 16 “around the bath to function – a pretty small amount compared to the size and other covers on the market.

While the installation process requires you to drain and lift the bottom of the tub as it is an under-mounted product, you will not need to mount it deep into the hot tub to avoid damaging your spa.


  • Under-mount design for easy installation without drilling
  • Suitable size is up to 109 inches large
  • Doesn’t require much space – just 16 inches
  • Aircraft aluminum materials


  • There are no tools to support lifting/lowering or opening
  • Drain the water and raise the tub completely
  • Written instructions confusing
  • Bars are unstable, easily damaged

7. Smart Spa CoverClassic

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Smart Spa’s reputation has confirmed the quality of the CoverClassic Classic Hot Tub Cover Lifter.

Designed to be low-profile and suitable for baths smaller than 96 inches, the CoverClassic uses a lift support device with a rotating shaft design that makes operating your hot tub cover smooth and easier.

You can attach the cover on the top of the tub, or attach it to the sides. Make sure to leave the cover with 18 inches of space at the back of the tub and 3 inches from the side. Of course, because of this requirement, this cover cannot be used for in-ground hot tubs.

A final consideration is the bars are made of aluminum with a premium powder coating. The build is quite sturdy, and it weighs only 12 pounds, meaning it won’t put too much pressure on it.


  • Suitable for large size baths
  • Low-profile design, compact size, small clearance space is required
  • The pivot type lift assistant is available
  • Powder-coated to ensure no rust and corrosion resistance.
  • Lightweight design


  • Not compatible with hot tubs around
  • Designed for square or rectangular spas only

8. Cover Valet CV400

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If your space is not big enough, the Cover Valet CV400 Spa Cover Lifter is the product you should own. Requiring only 4-6 inches of free space on each side of the tub, this product is recommended by many people and best of all, you can use it for even in-ground hot tubs.

Another remarkable feature is that you do not need to flush or lift the tub to install the Cover Valet CV400. You can attach the product to the edge of a hot tub or attach it directly to the deck.

In addition, the air shock unit with the pneumatic pistol will assist in the process of installing or removing the hot tub casing easily, even with just 1 person.

The structure is made of bearing zinc and stainless steel that makes the cover very durable, not damaged by the environment. When used in the middle, the security lock feature will ensure to keep your cover safe.


  • Required clearance space is only 4-6 inches
  • Pneumatic pistol lift support kit
  • There is a safety lock feature when used in the middle
  • Sturdy construction and lightweight
  • Can be attached to either side of the spa or mounted to the deck


  • Only available for spa up to 8 ft
  • Only suitable for square or rectangular spas

9. Cover Caddy Cover Valet

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Here comes another under-mount hot tub cover from the Cover Valet brand – Cover Caddy Cover Valet Hot Tub Spa Cover Lifter. Like the Caddy and Lifter, this is also a cover product suitable for non-square baths. If you have a circular tub, this is the product you’ve been looking for all along.

The under-mount and cabinet-like design allow customers to easily install the product into all spas. However, the product requires you to have a fair amount of ground clearance – half the size of the product, for stable operation.

Despite its large size and sturdy material, the product can still be lifted easily thanks to gas spring support. You don’t need to worry about the quality of the product, especially when it comes with a 5-year warranty.


  • Suitable for fitting into a wide variety of bathtubs, especially round tubs
  • Gas spring support for easier operation
  • Simple and quick installation


  • Occupies a large area
  • The material is not too durable, easily damaged after many uses

10. Puri Tech Rock Spa Cover Lift

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The only representative from Puri Tech in this list of best hot tub cover lifter reviews is Puri Tech Rock Spa Cover Lift.

This is also an under-mounted cover product like most convenience products, as the installation only requires you to slide it under the hot tub without having to do with the hot tub skirt.

For installation, you will attach the cover to the sides of the hot tub. The bars are made of aluminum and stainless hard steel, making the product more durable with time and wear. However, due to the use of the pivot lift support, the product is not suitable for in-ground baths.

The great thing about this product is that it fully scrolls down when open, giving you a relaxing and ventilating view of the bath.


  • Simple and time-consuming installation
  • The product installs on either side of the tub, no need to fully lift the tub
  • Sturdy, stainless material
  • There is a pivot lift assist to facilitate smooth operation


  • Not suitable for in-ground bath
  • Few customers say it flimsy

Things to consider before buying a hot tub cover lifter

1. Clearance

You must consider the amount of space you have before deciding whether or not to buy a hot tub cover lifter. The amount of space required will vary depending on the model and size of the hot tub as well as the cover lifter.

2. Size, shape, and weight

Other things that you also need to consider are the size, shape, and weight of the cover.

The lifters are usually designed for the cover of a specific size, shape, and weight. So, carefully check whether the lift you are considering is compatible with your cover.

3. Location & exposure to elements

As mentioned above, certain types of hot tub cover lifter take up a lot of space and lose your view. So choosing a suitable location is the first thing you should think about before deciding whether to buy it or not.

Besides, you will want a lifter cover that can withstand the pressure of the work you want to help with. Most lifter covers made of powder-coated steel or aluminum will fulfill this requirement.

4. Lifting system mechanism

One thing that you must check before deciding to buy a cover lifter is how it works. Some models use single or dual gas shocks which can interfere with the easy lid removal and replacement.

Remember to find a location for the cover after removing it so that you can avoid a lifter that allows the hot tub cover touches the ground.

5. Ease of installation

Think carefully about the installations before purchasing a cover lifter. Many types are designed to be simple, fairly easy to install and use, but some require a bit of elaboration.

Buy something that you think is easy to use, convenient, and will not take you much time.

6. Budget

There are many types of lifter cover with different prices on the market today. Depending on your budget, you can consider and choose the product that best suits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are hot tub cover lifters worth it?

Yes, they are. The cover lifter helps to increase the lifespan of your hot tub, make your spa use become much easier, and avoid back pain.

2. How much space does a hot tub cover lifter need?

Normally, a hot tub cover lifter needs a free space of 14 to 18 inches behind the tub.

3. How does a hot tub cover lifter work?

The lifter bar is set on the first half of the hot tub cover and the second half will be folded back. Then, the lifter can be lifted back once the cover is in place.

One last thought

Then, this is the end of our top 10 best hot tub cover lifter reviews.

If you’re on your way to purchasing a proper cover for your spa, please consider the above options then compare them with your need, budget, and spa conditions. By doing that, you can find the best spa cover that satisfies your demands.

For me, I lay my top pick on the Cover Valet The Rock-It as its features and price do satisfy me.

Thank you for reading and good luck!


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