Hot tub filters keep the water clean by collecting contaminants, grime, and debris that bathers bring in. Therefore, the dirtier they are, the less effective they will become in picking up debris. Regular cleaning will ensure their optimal performance. But, how to pick the best hot tub filter cleaner on the market?

We’ve done thorough research and will share with you some of the most reliable tools and products to keep your hot tub filters clean so that you can fully enjoy your soak. Let’s take a look!

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  1. MY TOP PICK: Filter Flosser Mikise Ultimate Pool
  2. RUNNER UP: Power Pic Reach
  3. Hot Tub Spa Hand Held Cleaner
  4. Filter Comb for Pool Filter Cleaning
  5. SpaGuard Filter Cleaner

Best hot tub filter cleaner – Quick comparison

Product image Product name Editor's rating Price
Filter Flosser Mikise Ultimate Pool Filter Flosser Mikise Ultimate Pool 4.9 See lastest price
Power Pic Reach 4.8 See lastest price
Hot Tub Spa Hand Held Cleaner 4.8 See lastest price
Filter Comb for Pool Filter Cleaning 4.7 See lastest price
SpaGuard Filter Cleaner 4.7 See lastest price
LEISURE TIME 4.7 See lastest price
Spa Essentials 32609000 Filter Cleaner 4.6 See lastest price
Leisure Time O Filter Clean 4.6 See lastest price
AquaFinesse Filter Cleaner 4.6 See lastest price
SPA FILTER WASH 4.5 See lastest price

Why do you need to keep your hot tub filter cleaner?

Bathers bring all kinds of residue in hot tub water, from dead skin cells to hair and body sweats. Even though hot tub users are usually recommended to shower with soap before a soak, not everyone does.

Personal care products like perfume, lotion, and deodorants gradually build up and cause cloudy water, algae blooms, or the likes.

You’re prone to suffer from different health risks if soaked in an improperly cleaned hot tub. Bumpy and itchy rash is probably one of the most common infections. Some people also have red eyes and irritated nose after soaking in dirty hot tubs.

Aside from sanitizers (chlorine and/or bromine), the filters play an important role in keeping your hot tub clean. They’re also crucial to the overall performance of your tub. By trapping particles and filtering debris, they ensure that your hot tub water is always clean and fresh.

With that said, the filters can be really dirty; therefore, they need to be cleaned regularly so that they can perform their water filtration tasks effectively.

If the filters are not frequently cleaned or properly maintained, they can cause problems on the pump, slow down the heating process, and even strain hot tub parts.

How to clean hot tub filters?

By making a habit of scheduled maintenance for hot tub filters, you can add years to their life. In doing so, hot tub users can also soak with confidence, as you know that your hot tub water is clean.

Depending on how regularly you use the hot tub, there are three ways to clean it, and below is a quick guide.

Quick rinse

If you clean the filter weekly, this will take you only five to ten minutes to prevent hair and other debris from getting trapped in the filters.

You can start by pulling the filters out, then rinse them under a faucet. It’s important to clean between the pleats to clear any clogged residue there.

A garden hose will also make short work of filter maintenance, but you won’t need to use a pressure washer as powerful cleaning tools can tear or break the filters. Wait for the filter to dry before putting it back in.

Chemical rinse

This way of deep cleaning will require a cleaning solution to remove accumulated residue and contaminants, and it should be done monthly.

Simply follow instructions on the packaging, spray it down the filter, and then leave it there for about 15-20 minutes so the cleaner can do its job.

Next, spray it thoroughly to get rid of hair, leaves, or any other substances. It’s best to carefully spread all the pleats apart to ensure that they’re all clean and nothing left in between them.

Once finished this process, you can now submerge it back into your tub for normal use.

Overnight chemical soak

A chemical soak should be done every three or four months when you drain the hot tub water. If you have problems with the skin, remember to choose hot tub chemicals made for sensitive skin.

Besides hot tub soak chemical, you also need a large and clean bucket to accommodate the filter. We would suggest you use a 5-gallon bucket.

First, fill up the bucket with clean water, then follow the directions shown on the bottle to dilute the chemical. Now, gently place your filter in, and make sure that it is completely submerged in the bucket.

The filter needs to sit in this bucket for 24 hours. Even if you’re in a rush, leave it soaking overnight. The next day, rinse the filter thoroughly, then let it dry before reinstalling it back in.

10 top-rated hot tub filter cleaners to buy

Periodical filter cleaning and maintenance ensure the system can work at its best in collecting dirt and debris. An effective filtration system improves water cleanliness and prolongs the lifespan of hot tub parts.

As mentioned above, there are three ways to clean hot tub filters, and we’ll review ten of the highest-rating tools and solutions that you can use when applying these three ways of cleaning. Read on as we explore more!

Hot tub filter cleaner tool/water wand for Quick Rinse

#1 Filter Flosser

Filter Flosser Mikise Ultimate Pool

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What’s better than saving your valuable time and money on water bills while still maintaining the hot tub filter?

This flosser comes in a curved nozzle design, providing potent spray power to clean between the filter pleats deeply. Thanks to this curvature, you can have a large surface cleaning area, meaning a quick yet thorough filter rinse.

The built-in on and off valve lets you control water pressure for the parts you’re washing.

Also, hooking this flosser into a garden hose is easy. This allows you to have concentrated spray and maximizing cleaning results. It’s the best spa filter cleaning tool for a weekly quick rinse that can get your filter cleaned in a few minutes.


  • Well-constructed and sturdy
  • Easy to use
  • Arch-shaped design for effective spraying


  • The chrome plating is of low quality
  • The handle is a bit flimsy
  • Work well on only slightly dirty filters

#2 Power pic reach

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With sound construction, coupled with a linear shape, this device allows you to reach hot tub filters from its inner parts, where conventional cleaning hoses usually can’t.

Its intense spray action provides an evenly distributed water stream and wide broadcast to leave you with perfectly cleaned pleats, even at two ends.

The tool’s end cap can also fit onto the handle of a flosser, enhancing flexibility and providing extra reach for extensive cleaning of large-sized filters, both inside and out.

What is more important, this tool is constructed from aluminum, so it is durable and rust-resistant. You can be assured that it’ll stay with you for years to come.


  • Made from aluminum for extra durability
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Slim design to clean inside filters
  • Reasonable price


  • Excluded the on/off value for water control
  • The water stream is of limited power

#3 Uceder water wand cartridge

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Soaking in a hot tub gives us multiple health benefits, but maintaining it is no fun at all. Unsurprisingly, many people dread cleaning the hot tub filters.

Indeed, nobody wants to imagine brushing dirty filters all over, then spray them, again and again, only to find out that they’re still not clean!

With the Uceder hot tub filter cleaning wand, you no longer struggle with getting grim and gunk out of the pleats.

By shooting strong water jets from the nozzles, this tool provides 2-in-1 cleaning effects of brushing and spraying, giving you perfectly cleaned filters in no time.

Equipped with a regulator dial, it allows users to increase and decrease water pressure with ease. Besides, its hose adopter also makes installation to the garden hose a breeze.


  • The On/Off button works perfectly well
  • Six water jets for optimal cleaning results
  • The regulator dial gives the ease of control
  • Made from premium materials


  • The hose adopter is not sturdy
  • The side of the wand leaks water

#4 Aqua filter comb

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Since most hot tub filters come with tightly arranged pleats, getting the right cleaning tools to pick up all residues can be challenging. This aqua filter comb is a nifty tool.

It features strong yellow tines to hold the slats apart, which allows forceful water streams to get in the nooks and crannies of your filters effectively.

At first glance, you might assume that the water comes out of the yellow comb ends. However, the water shoots out from the blue base between each yellow tooth.

This dual function allows users to gently brush and spray the filters simultaneously. More importantly, even if a tooth is broken, the device is still usable.

With this well-thought-out design, the device makes the hot tub filter cleaning chores much more manageable. It actually turns a dreaded task into a relatively simple routine job that you won’t keep procrastinating anymore.


  • Practical design with long combs
  • Provides strong water pressure
  • Made from UV protection materials


  • The hose connector doesn’t last long.
  • Long combs can potentially damage filter pleats.

Filter cleaner sprayer for Chemical Rinse

#5 Spaguard filter cleaner

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This cleaner speeds up the filter cleaning process by removing dirt and grime from multiple hot tub filters. As a result, you can extend the life of your filters and save significant maintenance costs of purchasing sanitizers and chemicals.

Simply spray this solution on the filters and leave it for about 10-15 minutes. Then rinse it thoroughly to get rid of accumulated dirt, oil, and other contaminants.

A flosser or an aqua comb can be helpful tools for chemical rinse. Otherwise, a garden hose would also help.



  • The sprayer is hard to use
  • It can be overly potent

#6 LEISURE TIME S-02 Instant Cartridge Cleaner

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Keeping the hot tub filters clean won’t be an uphill task anymore if you use this fast-acting spray solution. It proves that a quick spray can work wonders.

After spraying and letting it sit for about five minutes, all the filth would be easily rinsed off, leaving you with sparkly clean filters – almost like the brand new ones.

Versatility is what sets this cleaner apart. It works well with many types of sanitizers, from chlorine to bromine.

Hot tub owners with a biguanide-based sanitizing system also praise this product for its quick and effective performance.


  • Gentle on both the filters and your skin
  • Rinse well in just a few minutes
  • Inexpensive for its effectiveness
  • An ideal cleaning solution for monthly rinse


  • Poorly-designed spray head
  • Strong odor

#7 SpaEssential filter cleaner

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You won’t realize how much oils and other junk clog up in your hot tub filters until using this cleaner.

Designed to either spray or soak, the SpaEssential cleansing solution is straightforward to use. You only need to spray and let it stand for five minutes (as instructed on the packaging) for a monthly rinse. The dirt and grime will come right out in a short while.

Low maintenance will impede filters’ performance, leading to cloudy water. Why not bring back its sparkling whiteness with this product?

To achieve the best results and prolong the filter’s lifespan, always clean it thoroughly after spraying or soaking, and leave it to dry before putting it back into service.


  • Easy to use
  • Works in five minutes
  • Good value for money


  • The trigger is short and small
  • The sprayer doesn’t work well

Filter cleaner for soaking solution (Overnight Chemical Soak)

#8 Leisure Time O Filter Clean Cartridge Cleaner

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Restore the optimal efficiency of your filter by soaking it in this cleaner overnight. With a highly concentrated formula, it gives quick cleaning results. Even the most stubborn substances will be removed, leaving you with an almost new filter so you can have a relaxing soak without worry.

Leisure Time is a reliable brand for its continuous product innovation. The company provides its customers with only superior hot tub water treatment products, and this filter cleaner is no exception.

It is a powerful yet economical solution with concentrated formula, hot tub owners won’t need to spend too much on this product while still managing to keep the filters clean.


  • Effectively improves water clarity.
  • Concentrated formula for quick and effective results
  • Compatible with various hot tub sanitizers
  • Convenient size


  • Leaves foam if not rinse well
  • It contains sulfuric acid- can be harmful to sensitive skin

#9 AquaFinesse 10 Tablets

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While most other filter cleaning solutions take 24 hours of soaking for the product to do its job, these AquaFinessetablets are an exception. They can clean your filters in just one hour.

You only need to add two tablets into a bucket filled with clean water, then submerge the filter in for one hour (In case your filter hasn’t been properly cleaned for quite a while, soak it in a few more hours).

Next, use a garden hose or a filter cleaning tool to rinse from top to bottom gently.

Once it’s clean and completely dry, you can then install it back to the filter compartment. Now you can enjoy your soak with more confidence, knowing that a well-maintained filter is working to filter your hot tub water.


  • Fast-acting formula – works in several hours.
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Compatible with many hot tubs sanitizing systems


  • The tablets are hard to dissolve.
  • Expensive

#10 Pleatco spa filter wash

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Let these little, yet fast-acting tablets do the dreaded hot tub filter cleaning jobs for you. With scientifically engineered formula, they loosen embedded debris from the fabric surface of the pleats, leaving you with freshly clean filters in no time.

While other cleaning solutions in liquid format require a precise measurement method, these tablets are simple to use.

All you have to do is put them in a bucket of water and let them sit for 25 minutes, then rinse them off carefully. Better yet, this product is also cost-saving, as you only need one tablet to clean two filters.

We’ve come across customer reviews saying that these tablets do not bring back the original white color of their filters. This is understandable because Pleatco doesn’t use bleaching agents in this product to avoid damaging the filter’s fabric.

That said, you can have clean hot tub filters while still enjoying a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.


  • Fast-acting for quick results
  • Eco-friendly formula
  • Contain no harmful chemicals
  • Long-lasting (if kept in dry condition)


  • The filters are not white after soaking
  • The tablets take time to dissolve completely  

How to choose the best hot tub filter cleaners

As there are many types of cleaners that you can find on the market, choosing the most suitable one seems to be tricky. A simple tip is to take into consideration the type of hot tub filter – this will help you narrow down your choice.

If your filter’s fabric is thin, pay extra attention to the ingredients of your cleaner. If it’s a sand filter, then you can just use a regular type of cleaner.

Another tip is to avoid using bleach, as it might damage the pleats fabric and eventually shorten the lifespan of your filters.

By the same logic, dishwashers are too harsh for hot tub filters and can cause damage to the filter’s fabric. Household cleaners may save you some money but can end up leaving foam all over your hot tub water. That said, stick with cleaners made for hot tub filters only.

Never use a power washer or throw your filters in the washing machine. Otherwise, you can run the risk of damaging them just after one wash.

A rub of thumb is keeping a routine cleaning schedule every four weeks, more or less, based on usage and the number of bathers in your family.

But whenever you drain and refill the tub, remember to clean the filters as well. For a monthly cleaning session, you’ll need a cleaner with a special formula for hot tub filters to get rid of stubborn debris.

Keeping a spare filter with you is always a good idea. It allows for an immediate replacement when it’s time to.

Besides, you can also rinse the filter more thoroughly, knowing that you don’t have to rush the cleaning process to install the filter back in right away.

Last but not least, replace the filter after one year of use to ensure its optimal performance.

Frequently Asked Questions about hot tub filter cleaners

What’s the best way to clean a hot tub filter?

It’s best to rinse the filter weekly using the right cleaning tools. If you only clean it monthly or quarterly, opt for a non-bleach cleaning solution.

What can I use to clean my hot tub filters?

For the weekly rinse, there are multiple tools like a flosser or a comb. For the monthly rinse, you’ll need cleaners with a special formula for hot tubs. In doing so, you can avoid damaging the filter fabric surface and leaving foam on the water.

How to clean hot tub filters with vinegar?

When using vinegar to clean the hot tub filter, use a ratio of 1:1 for water and vinegar, then soak the filters in this water mixture and leave it to sit for about two hours.

If your filter hasn’t been cleaned for too long and it’s too grimy, soak it for 24 hours or consider a replacement.

How often to clean a hot tub filter?

Every four weeks.

Still, it will depend on how often you use the hot tub, how many people in your family usually soak in the tub, and whether you usually invite guests over for a hot tub home retreat.

Can I clean my hot tub filter in the washing machine?

No, you can’t. Washing machines clean our clothes by using continuous rolling and tumbling movements of their spin cycles. This process can crack the plastic discs of your hot tub filters.

Besides, your washing machine can be seriously damaged if it has to wash these filters.

Can I use the dishwasher to clean hot tub filters?

The dishwasher is not good to clean your hot tub filter. Dishwashers feature streams of water to clean bowls, dishes, and cutlery, but they can tear up the hot tub filters’ pleats.

Can I run the hot tub with no filter in?

Not really. Running the hot tub with no filter in a very short time wouldn’t do too much harm to the hot tub parts, but more extended use can result in clogging the pump impellers. So it’s best to avoid doing so.

As briefly mentioned above, keeping a spare filter with you would be convenient for quick replacement and cleaning. This extra filter can also save you from awkward situations of running a hot tub without filters in.

Final words

The best hot tub filter cleaner would be the one that meets your needs the most. For the weekly rinse, a well-made and sturdy tool would do its job. For the monthly or quarterly rinse, you’ll need a cleaning solution with a concentrated formula to remove stubborn gunk and grime from your filters.

Regular cleaning is highly recommended, as it ensures that the filters work their best in keeping your hot tub water clean, allowing you to make the most of your time in the soak.

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