To determine the right amount of chemicals to add to your hot tubs, you’ll need some testing tools. What if you’ll need to identify if there’re any problems with your hot tub waters? You’ll need some test strips handy. So how to pick the best hot tub test strips?

There’re many options to choose from, and most of them are advertised of excellent quality. Not to mention some of them even come with attractive discounts from the retailers. You can quickly get confused.

Fret not! This review of the best hot tub water test strips will help you out.

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  1. MY TOP PICK: Poolmaster 22211 Smart 4-Way
  2. RUNNER UP: JNW Direct Pool and Spa Test Strips
  3. AquaChek 551236 7-Way
  4. Leisure Time 45010A
  5. Leisure Time 45005A

Best hot tub test strips – Quick comparison

Product image Product name Editor's rating Price
Poolmaster 22211 Smart 4-Way 4.9 See lastest price
JNW Direct Pool and Spa Test Strips 4.8 See lastest price
AquaChek 551236 7-Way 4.8 See lastest price
Leisure Time 45010A 4.7 See lastest price
test strips hot tub Leisure Time 45005A 4.7 See lastest price
Poolmaster 22212 Smart Test 6-Way 4.6 See lastest price
Clorox Pool&Spa My Pool Care Assistant 4.6 See lastest price
test strips AquaChek 552244 6-in-1 4.5 See lastest price
hot tub test strips Aqua Chek Aqua Chek Yellow 4.5 See lastest price
JNW Direct Spa Test Strips 4.5 See lastest price

Why do you need test strips?

Ensuring the right level of pH balance and water chemistry is essential in maintaining the hot tub water. The key purpose of testing hot tub water is to ensure that we can keep both acidic and alkaline at safe and even levels.

Using test strips is the best way to test hot tub water for chemical balance. After reading the results shown on test strips, we will know how to adjust the use of chemicals, minimizing bacteria and contaminants, and ensuring we have the best time in our hot tubs.

Review on top 10 best hot tub test strips

1. Poolmaster 22211 Smart 4-Way Combo test strip

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Poolmaster has been a leading manufacturer of pool and spa products since 1958. The company has committed to providing customers only high-quality products, and the 22211 Smart 4-Way Combo test strip is no exception.

It’s super easy to use for everyone in the house. Each kit contains 50 strips and comes in an easy-to-store container. Besides, the desiccant-lined bottle keeps the strips dry while its pop-top feature allows you to open and close the box with one hand only.

Whereas the bottle features an easy-to-read color chart, the strips have no-bleed pads, ensuring accurate color reading results.

You only need to immerse the strip 6” deep in the water for 2 seconds, shake off the excess water, then match the colors in your strip with the color graduation scale on the box of the product. It will tell you about your hot tub water’s alkalinity, chlorine, bromine, and pH levels.


  • Incredibly quick & simple to use
  • The table is easy to read
  • Reliable and instant results
  • Inexpensive


  • Only 3-way measurement

 2. JNW Direct Pool and Spa 100 Strip Pack

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You get great value in purchasing the JNW Pool and Spa Strip kit. It comes with 100 test trips, giving instant test results with simple and straightforward using instructions.

Users only need to dip the strip in the water and compare the results with the color chart shown right on the bottle.

It provides seven parameters: total hardness, total chlorine, bromine, free chlorine, pH, cyanic acid (stabilizer), and total alkalinity – all of what you need to have crystal clear water for an enjoyable soak in your home hot tub.

More importantly, it includes a free mobile app for both IOS and Android phones, allowing all users to record, track and monitor your pool test strips results.

The kit also includes an e-book, providing users a guide on how to read hot tub test strips and what your water test results mean, which is an excellent added-on feature.


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Provide test results for seven parameters
  • Free mobile app included


  • Test results are not always reliable.

3. AquaChek 551236 7-Way

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This AquaChek test strip gives you an easy and more effective way to test the 7 most essential chemicals of balanced water, including total hardness, free chlorine, total chlorine, pH level, total bromine, cyanuric acid, and total alkalinity.

Using this sticky strip is much easier than using the liquid dropper (another pool test kit type). You only need to dip it, remove it, wait for 15 seconds, and then read all the test results simultaneously, helping you identify and fix any problems in your hot tub.

Each strip enables you to test the Cyanuric Acid, keep in mind that it only works in the range of up to 300 PPM (mg/L), which is significantly higher than many other liquid kits that are available on the market.

Also, the strips are available in several languages: French, Italian, Spanish, and Turkish.


  • Easy to use and cost-effective
  • 7-way measurement


  • CYA test results are not always accurate

4. Leisure Time 45010A Chlorine Test Strips

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Leisure Time is considered a “premium name” in the hot tub and spa water care industry. It has continually improved its product line, invested in product development and innovation in the last 25 years. The company provides its customers with only the most reliable products, and the 45010A is no different.

This hot tub water testing equipment provides quick and easy-to-read results, measuring chlorine, calcium hardness, alkalinity, pH – which are the necessary factors determining your desirable tub water balance.

By measuring the chemicals in your hot tub water, it helps to give you accurate test results so you can adjust the number of chemicals to add to your water accordingly.

This Leisure Time test strip kit is a fast and easy way to get the test results, so you can begin to use your hot tubs with confidence in no time.

Users only need to place the test strips in the water for 2 seconds, then remove them (remember to let the pads facing up). Next, shake it once to let any excess water be removed, and compare the results shown on the back of the bottle.

These strips from Leisure Time come in a patented PopTop, protecting them from moisture and UV light.


  • Fast and easy to use
  • Colour results are an easy match with patches shown on the bottle.


  • The colors are a bit close to each other.

5. Leisure Time 45005A Bromine 4-Way Testers

test strips hot tub

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The Leisure Time 45005A provides the same results as the Leisure Time 45010A. Users can have readings of their hot tub water’s levels of bromine, calcium hardness, alkalinity, and pH. However, the former is a bit more affordable than the latter.

Now you can keep your hot tub water balanced by making sure it is within the recommended range. The ideal pH level is 7.2 to 7.8, so if it’s below 7.2, your water is too acidic, causing eye and skin irritation. If it’s above 7.8, then the water is too alkaline, scalding hot tub parts.

Each bottle of Leisure Time test strips has a chart on the back, allowing you to compare the results right after dipping it in the water for 2 seconds.

Thanks to this convenience, it’s one of the best Ph test strips for hot tubs.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to read
  • Accuracy


  • Colors that appeared on the strips are slightly different-hued

6. Poolmaster 22212 Smart Test 6-Way

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The Poolmaster 22212 comes in a robust plastic container with a well-built sealed top, so no more worries that it might pop open accidentally during the test and getting water splashed inside.

Besides, the strips are 3 1/2″ long, and the end you hold is around 1 1/2” long, meaning they are easy to grasp when reading results.

The strips are highly effective, and they provide instant results so you can get the water balanced within a short period of time.

Each strip analyses six chemical factors of your hot tub water: free chlorine, bromine, alkalinity, pH, total chlorine, and total hardness, giving you more than enough information to adjust the chemicals accordingly for safer and cleaner water.

Even though these trips do not measure stabilizers, the results they provide are on par with those from professional water testers, so users can be ensured that they’re buying reliable strips for their hot tubs.


  • 6-way measurement
  • Provide accurate results


  • Colors on strips fade quickly.

7. Clorox Pool&Spa My Pool Care Assistant

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The Clorox Pool&Spa offers hot tub owners expert-like water analysis. It also comes with a free Clorox® Pool app, giving you instant access to test results on your phone. This app works with both iOS and Android, alerting you automatically when you need to adjust chemicals.

These 6-way multi-use test strips provide results for total hardness, total chlorine, free chlorine, pH, Total Alkalinity, and stabilizer, giving you sufficient information for chemical adjustment, ensuring a comfortable and relaxing time in your home hot tub.


  • 6-way measurement
  • Expert, accurate water analysis


  • The app does not always work well

8. AquaChek 552244 6-in-1

test strips

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The AquaChek 552244 is, true to its name, provides six essential tests in just one dip: total chlorine, total bromine, free chlorine, total alkalinity, pH, and Total Hardness. This product is ideal for hot tub owners that need a complete analysis of their water.

They’re super easy to use. To get accurate results, you only need to dip the strips in the water for 15 seconds, then compare them to the color chart shown right in the test strip container.

Each pack includes 50 strips and costs only $10.71 – a real bargain to have a safe and clean hot tub to soak in. Also, it comes with a user-friendly flip-top strip dispenser cap – an ideal choice for those who appreciate practicality and ease of use in the packaging of household products.


  • 6-way measurement
  • Accurate readings
  • Competitive price


  • Colour shades are a bit confusing to read

9. AquaChek Yellow Free Chlorine

hot tub test strips

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These AquaChek Yellow Free Chlorine test strips provide fast, easy, and accurate water test results for hot tub sanitizer and water balance.

Each pack comes with 50 strips, giving you the four most essential readings: Free Chlorine, pH, Total Alkalinity, & Stabilizer.

Quick test results can be done within just 30 seconds with no mess, allowing you to enjoy crystal clear hot tub water within minutes. To keep your pool at its best, it’s advised to test your hot tub water a minimum of twice per week to ensure it’s safe and sanitized.


  • Test results shown within 30 seconds
  • Simple and straightforward to use


  • Colors are hard to distinguish

10. JNW Direct 6 in 1

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The JNW Direct 6-in-1 test strips come in a well-sealed, screw-top container that is easily gripped.

Recording your testing results is easier than ever, thanks to the bonus JNW direct app that works on both iOS and Android. It also allows you to track results over time, making chemical adjustments more convenient and accurate.

Each strip provides tests for the five most critical parameters in your hot tub water, including free chlorine and total chlorine, making it one of the best chlorine test strips for hot tubs.

Users can also have readings for full hardness, bromine, pH, and total alkalinity, helping you know any chemical imbalances in your hot tub water so that you treat it appropriately.

First-time users would find the helpful e-book, as it explains what your results mean and tips to keep the water clean and healthy all year round.


  • Fast test results
  • Colors are easy to compare to the supplied chart on the box
  • Booklet on water treatment included


  • The app does not work well.

What to consider when choosing hot tub test strips

A regular check on the water with a test strip will ensure the safety of you and your family members when using the hot tub. Here is a quick guide to help you choose a proper test strip kit for your equipment.

1. Material

The first impression of many people about the hot tub test strips is that they are very fragile. As a result, they think these test strips fail quickly and can only be used for only one time.

Hot tub test strips are designed to be used only once, however, they are made of quality materials that will be durable.

2. Multiple readings

Apart from the pH, you must also check the concentrations of many other elements in the water such as chlorine, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, or bromine. Hot tub test strips with multiple readings will allow you to check the concentrations of many substances at the same time.

There are many different types of swimming pool test strips on the market. But choosing a test strip with multiple readings will bring a lot of conveniences as you only need to try it once to check the density of all substances. Otherwise, you have to make multiple checks to test each type of chemical.

3. Fast reading

Fast reading is the deciding factor for the time that the hot tub test strips give the results. Typically, qualified test strips only take a few seconds to produce results after dipping into the water.

In today’s life, no one wants to wait too long for a simple task like checking the water of the hot tub. So, the faster hot tub test strips have results, the more they will be loved and selected by customers.

4. Value

Hot tub test strips are designed for single use only. As experts recommend that you should check the water in the hot tub regularly, a product that has a reasonable number of test strips is a wise choice.

You should choose products with at least 50 test strips in one box. With this quantity, you can use it for at least 1 month. This will save you money as well as time because you do not need to buy the same product many times.

5. Reading range

Hot tub test strips usually have a separate reading range. The reading range will let you know if there is any potential volatility in the water.

Reading ranges also tell you what level of chemicals safety indices in the water should be maintained.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often do you have to test the water in the hot tub?

Many people think that we should test the water in the hot tub every day. However, you can hardly maintain this because it will take you a lot of time.

The best way is to have hot tub test strips in the house so that you can check the water whenever needed.

2. Does the hot temperature affect the analyses?

Temperature affects both the volume and the speed of the reaction chemicals. So, the analysis may be not accurate under the impact of hot temperature.

Usually, a high temperature can make the result higher than usual.

3. How long do you immerse the check strips in the water?

Now, all hot tub test strips produce results within a short period. You only need to immerse the test strip in water for 15 to 20 seconds then it will change color and show results.

4. Are pool test strips accurate?

The accuracy of pool test strips is quite high. However, we cannot be sure that the results of pool test strips are always correct because some possible errors may occur whenever they can.

5. What will happen if I do not test my pool water?

If you do not test your hot tub water regularly, you cannot know what concentrations of chemicals in the water are. Also, you cannot know whether this level of chemicals is safe or not.

If there are not enough chemicals, algae and bacteria will easily grow and harm you. Conversely, immersion in water with high concentrations of chemicals can also cause skin diseases or other health problems.

6. Are all pool test strips the same?

Most types of hot tub test strips have the same basic features. However, each product will have its characteristics in terms of material, multiple readings, fast reading, value, and reading range.

This makes hot tub test strips diverse. You will have many choices. However, you should consider it more carefully to get the best choice.

7. Can you reuse spa test strips?

Most of the test strips are designed for only single use. So, you can not reuse them many times. Test strips usually include from 25 to 100 packs which you can use many times.

8. How to use hot tub test strips?

  • Run the pump in the pool for at least an hour before you start to test the concentration of chemicals in your pool water.
  • Soak the test strip in the water, then wait a while to see the results. Usually, it only takes 10 – 20 seconds for the test strip to change color.
  • Read the results by comparing the color on the test strip against the color chart on the bottle or the product’s packaging.

Storing the hot tub test strip after use carefully in a dry place for future use. You should also pay attention to the product’s expiry date. Expired test strips will not give accurate results.

9. What does free chlorine mean on the test strip?

If chlorine is not combined with chlorinated water, it is called “free chlorine”. Like combined chlorine, free chlorine is the chemical that helps to kill harmful microorganisms in water. This is the most important kind of chlorine because of its responsibility for cleaning your pool.

10. How do you put the right chemicals?

You can learn about the chemicals as well as how to treat them before you put them into the pool water.

Currently, there are many books, documents, and instructional videos on the Internet that you can refer to. You can also ask directly to the chemical sellers when buying them in the store.

Final words,

The best hot tub test strips should be easy to use with visible readings, ensuring maximum enjoyment and chemical effectiveness.

Though all reviewed products in this review are reliable, our first choice is the Poolmaster 22211 Smart 4-Way Combo test strip for its accurate test results.

Hot tub owners are recommended to regularly test their water to ensure it’s safe and clean, helping you stay away from peaks and valleys and sanitation and health problems. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below; we’ll be in touch shortly.

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