You’ve decided to purchase a hot tub! Who doesn’t love a soothing and relaxing soak after a long and tiring day, right? So you’re probably asking yourself when would be the best time to buy a hot tub.

You’ve come to the right place! I’ll share with you a few tips so you can make a timely purchase decision.

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What is the best time to buy a hot tub?

It’s common sense to purchase things when you see a good deal, and this rule of thumb applies to hot tubs as well. Great discounts can come any time of the year, but sometimes you’re too busy to keep your eyes on hot deals.

However, all savvy shoppers know that most manufacturers of home appliances, clothing, cosmetics, entertainment systems, bedding items, … have to clear out their stocks before the year-end.

That being said, the best time to purchase a hot tub is usually during fall and winter, which means you’d better start hunting for good offers from late September to mid-January.

How to get the best deal on a hot tub?

when to buy a hot tub

Once you have your eyes on a specific model, it’s now time to pay attention to both manufacturers’ and retailers’ social media pages, their official websites, or register for their newsletters.

These days, most brands deliver their promotional messages via these channels, so make sure you keep yourself posted to know when to buy a hot tub.

Posters, banners, and other marketing collaterals at the local brick and mortar stores are, of course, another way to keep yourself informed of the good deals. However, stores might keep these materials at minimum levels during this time of the pandemic, so it’s better to stick with online sources.

Alternatively, if you’ve known of trusted local stores, you can always talk to the salespeople about the time of the year that they usually offer rebates for customers.

There are some appealing deals that you might have never known of, like special event sales, referral discounts, of dealer coupons. Be sure you won’t miss out on any good deals.

Where is the best place to buy a hot tub?

There are three places that you can buy a hot tub: big boxes, specialty chains, and small local specialty stores. Here is brief information on the pros and cons of each place.

Big boxes

They’re large retailers that can sell a vast number of product categories, and they usually select which hot tubs to sell based on their prices. Having said that, you can find lots of attractive deals with a wide range of product lines, and this is usually what lures many hot tub buyers into.

Nevertheless, they do not have the expertise for hot tubs, and you might suffer from buying low-quality tubs.

Thus, customers need to look out for key features of an excellent hot tub, consider the products’ specifications, their performance, and your budget before clicking the purchase button.

Specialty chains

As the name suggests, specialty chains have the expertise and knowledge in their field. They tend to sell reliable hot tubs and provide after-sales services, so you can be assured your hot tub is in good hands.

Their service quality, however, might not be up to your expectations as they usually have only a few technicians that work for a whole company. As a result, their repair and maintenance service can take time, especially during peak seasons.

Local specialty stores

As with local stores of other home equipment, local hot tub shops are born to serve a particular area of several small groups of customers only. This means you can enjoy buying products from experts while being guaranteed dedicated services like installation and repair without waiting too long.

This convenience, however, does cost you more. Buying your hot tub from a local spa store can be more expensive than buying it from big boxes or specialty chains. But if you’re willing to splurge a bit, why not spend some extra for your peace of mind?

Can you negotiate hot tub prices?

Depending on where you’re buying your hot tubs, sometimes you can negotiate its price.

If you’re buying it online, then the price is usually fixed, but there are many deals offered by retailers in the form of coupons, vouchers, or other promotional codes to redeem at checkout.

If you’re buying your tub from local stores, there can be some room for negotiation. It doesn’t hurt to ask! Aside from deep price cuts on certain models at specific times of the years, most dealers also offer customers reduced upgrades or free accessories like filters, cover lifters, or cleaning tools. So ask them for these offers.

While it’s easy to get lured into hot deals, it’s best to choose well-built over cheaply-made hot tubs. Be careful with unreasonable discounts that sales reps offer you. Otherwise, you might end up seeing your new hot tub collecting dust in the corner of your house with its label on.

What should you look for when buying a hot tub?


best time of year to buy a hot tub

A hot tub is an oversized ticket item, doing a thorough research will make your shopping experience much easier. Once you’ve got your budget, here are key considerations:


How many people in your family use the tub will determine the right size you need.

Also, consider where you’re going to place the tub. Make sure that it’s a firm and concrete surface to hold your tub steadily, then take into account the room for periodical maintenance or repair as well.

The number of seats

To ensure that all bathers can fully enjoy massaging effects of the therapeutic jets, everyone should have a seat. For example, if four members in your family usually soak in the tub together, it’s best to go with a 4-seat hot tub.

Hot tub jets

There is a wide variety of jets designed to offer soothing relief on the back, shoulders, neck, wrists, legs, and so on.

Look for those with the jet systems that suit your needs the most, and you might also need those with adjustable jets to customize your spa experience.


Pumps are probably one of the essential components of any hot tub. They provide water for the jets, enable the heating system, and help the filter keep dirt and debris out of your hot tub.

Given its essential role, pay close attention to the specs of your pump.

Besides, if only one or two persons in your family use the tub, then you can choose tubs with one pump only. But if there are more than two bathers who all require the best effects of hydromassage, then go for models with two pumps.

Entertainment accessories (lighting, wireless audio system, monitor, …) and quality-life accessories (handrails, steps, cover lifter, …) are added-on features to help you make the most of your hot tub soaks.

While some are necessary, others come with all of the bells and whistles that can burn a hole in your pocket. Shoppers, therefore, should only pick those items that fit their soaking habits and purposes.

Last words,

The best time of year to buy a hot tub is fall and winter, and you can keep an eye on the best deals by staying informed via manufacturers’ and retailers’ social media pages and other online channels. I hope this guide has equipped you with helpful information to make a well-informed purchase decision.

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