Cough, runny nose, and fever – these symptoms of a cold or flu are often the end of our holiday. Antibiotics can’t cure the flu or cold, but you’d be surprised to know that taking a hot bathtub can help reduce the discomfort of high fever.

But how can you go in a hot tub with a fever?

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Can you go in a hot tub with a fever?

Not only can you take a hot bath during a cold, but hot tub therapy can also help reduce the length of your fever. How can this happen?

Having a hot tub causes your body temperature to rise. Fever is a natural defense mechanism to clear the virus that causes flu and cold from your body. Therefore, when your body temperature is raised by hot water, a “fake fever” will also stimulate the immune system to produce more antibodies to eliminate the virus.

Moreover, when you soak in the hot tub, you will sweat. Sweating is the most effective way to remove toxins from the body. In addition, the heat from the steam of the bath will also help you clear your nasal congestion, contributing to reducing the discomfort of a cold.

Hot tub therapy to get over a fever

Hot tub therapy is more than simply filling a tub of hot water and diving in. How can you go in a hot tub with a fever properly? If you’re looking for the best ways to enjoy your spa during a cold, here are some tips from us.

1. Make sure your hot tub is sanitized

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Hygiene is always a top priority when you’re sick. Especially in an environment where bacteria easily enter the body through water, it is essential to make sure your bathtub is completely clean.

Disinfect your bathtub before flushing, and remember to pay attention to the water quality when bathing. If your water supply is not chemically balanced, it will be detrimental to your bath and body.

2. Soak in no more than 20 minutes

Hot water can cause your body to lose moisture faster through sweating. You may even faint if you overdo hot bathing. Especially when your body has less stamina than usual because of illness, you should be more careful about the time you use the hot bath.

When you have a fever, each of your bathing duration should only last about 20 minutes. And, you can repeat it within a few hours. Try to relax and enjoy the hot spa tub as much as you can in a reasonable amount of time!

3. Set the temperature as high as possible

104 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature for a hot bath when you have a fever. This temperature will create a quick “fake fever” to speed up eliminating the virus.

Your body may feel uncomfortable when suddenly exposed to hot water, but it will learn to adapt after a few minutes by raising your body temperature eventually.

Remember that you should immediately put on a shirt or towel when you have finished bathing to avoid heat shock!

4. Use jets to massage sored muscles

If your bathtub has a jets massage function, don’t hesitate to use them for a more relaxing time. The more you relax, the faster your cold is cured.

Our body often aches when we have the flu, and the lack of strength in the muscles will make us feel tired. Although these symptoms are not dangerous, they are very annoying.

A jet massage in a hot tub helps revitalize your muscles and make your body stronger.

5. Clear your nasal passage

The warm steam from the hot bath also works to clear your nose when you have a cold. You can combine steam and Vicks to clear your nasal passage faster.

Remember to have a tissue handy to make it easier to blow your nose instead of sucking the mucus back into your nose. For those who don’t know, blowing your nose is also an excellent way to detox your body!

Sick people should soak separately

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Using a hot tub could be a great time for people having flu but for those who share the bathtub. Why? Do hot tubs spread germs or else?

Some studies suggest that sharing a hot tub with someone who has a cold or flu will spread bacteria (according to Cecile S. Rose, MD, MPH). Certain viruses that cause the flu thrive well in warm environments, so a hot tub is a perfect place to breed them.

Moreover, the patient’s body eliminates the virus through sweat or blowing his nose also allows these pathogens to penetrate the bathwater.

Some other viruses such as the Herpes complex virus (a virus that causes skin diseases) can also be spread by hot water.

Therefore, sick people should use a separate bathtub.

And, make sure to drain and disinfect the tub to ensure it is completely hygienic.

Other illnesses to be treated by hot tub therapy

Flu is not the only illness you can cure with a hot tub. The following illnesses can be treated through hot spa therapy.

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis: Joints will reduce inflammation and better movement when soaked in hot water. And if your tub has jets massage, the symptoms of rheumatism are also greatly reduced.
  • Osteoarthritis: Massaging and warming joints in hot water also eases pain and inflammation. Your cartilage may age, but you can improve the mobility of your bones through a hot spa.
  • Fibromyalgia: This musculoskeletal disorder causes you to feel pain throughout your body. A hot tub therapy will help reduce pain and make you more comfortable.
  • Varicose veins: Hot water helps you relieve pain in your veins by pumping more blood to that area. The jets will also help massage the surrounding muscles.

Bottom Line

Can you go in a hot tub when you have a fever? Don’t hesitate to soak in as a hot tub can really shorten your duration of a cold.

Let the cold be not the end of your relaxing holidays. Wish you relax with your home spa and get well soon!

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