After a long tiring day, let your troubles end with a relaxing time in the home-spa in-ground hot tub. Soaking in hot water while chatting with beloved ones in your very own house is indeed an excellent therapy for busy lives.

However, is it troublesome to have a hot tub at home? Feel free to worry, this article will guide you through how to build an in-ground hot tub.

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What is an in-ground hot tub?

A hot tub, so-called a jacuzzi, is a fantastic feature that can elevate your backyard into a heavenly getaway. However, there are some differences between a portable hot tub and an in-ground one.

An in-ground hot tub has its construction built into your garden ground. Whatever the design or the size is, this version of a hot tub can match the requirements.

Therefore, it is so flexible that it could be either a stand-alone jacuzzi or a connection with a deck or a patio. When joining an in-ground hot tub with a swimming pool or other features, it can turn your backyard into a scrumptious place.

Should you build it indoors or outdoors?

in ground hot tub

To be fair, whether outdoors or indoors, they all have their merit and criticism. Here is some information that we think you should consider before deciding on the construction site hot tub at home.

Outdoor hot tubs

  • Advantages

The hot tub relaxing experience is enhanced and more enjoyable thanks to the surrounding natural landscape. You can combine an outdoor bath with a swimming pool, a deck, or a patio to turn the garden into an ideal resort.

The cost of building an outdoor bath is usually less expensive because the construction of the foundation and the installation of the outdoor power line is simpler.

  • Disadvantages

The use of the outdoor hot tubs will be dependent on weather conditions. If the weather is bad, unfortunately, you can hardly enjoy it.

You have to always cover them if you do not want the bath area to be free of dirt, dead insects, and leaves.

You will have less privacy and must consider neighbors when using the hot tubs outdoors.

Indoor hot tubs

  • Advantages

Weather conditions and space do not affect the enjoyment of a hot tub.

Indoor tubs are used more often than outdoors and the indoor areas are completely private.

  • Disadvantages

The tub has a fairly large weight, so you will have to add foundation and many other auxiliary elements. In many cases, building a hot tub indoors will cause your home to have many modifications.

The air around the bath is usually very humid, so the housing’s materials and ventilation conditions must be considered.

The room for the hot tub should be waterproof.

Where to install the in-ground hot tub must be your biggest concern as this type of jacuzzi is not portable. Take into consideration your housing conditions, your economy, as well as your needs and preferences to decide where and how to install an in-ground hot tub.

Things to consider before starting your project

Building a hot tub in the ground is a job that can take up to six weeks and requires a lot of work and knowledge to build a house. Since this is a complex project, there are more things you need to consider than just choosing a location for the bath.

  1. The hot tub at home is custom-built, so prices will also depend on design and construction. Since it cannot be moved, look for a design that will match and enhance the beauty of your house.
  2. To build a well-constructed in-ground jacuzzi, you should look for professional architects and designers. In-ground hot tub construction materials are usually concrete, rebar, plaster, or pebble technology so that the hot tub can last longer.
  3. The pool filtration system can also be used to filter the jacuzzi. You can take advantage of the existing filtration system above to cut costs and save you from having to learn how to operate new machines.
  4. Last but not least, think of the water tap or the water supply for your tub. If they are too far apart, look for a technology that can handle the water supply.

How to build in ground hot tub?

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After all the above factors have been taken into account and you still want to build a hot tub at home by yourself, here’s how to install an in-ground hot tub.

Step 1: Specify the location

Choose the location where you want to build your hot tub, preferably close to the water supply. Then, calculate how much space your bathtub will occupy (based on the size of the tub, accessories such as pumps, and construction).

Step 2: Dig in

Get the right tool and dig a hole in the ground of the right size for the tub. For engine and pump installation, you should pour a concrete pit at least 30 inches larger than the hot tub.

Step 3: Insert the wire and tube

Install the wires and pipes by digging grooves. These grooves will allow the conductors to pass through the hard concrete and position the drainage pipes for the bath. Make a groove deep enough that when installing pipes flat against the bottom of the pit.

Step 4: Install Hot Tub

As mentioned above, the tub cover will be placed into the concrete pit. Then make sure the necessary pipes and wires are installed correctly. Then you can install the deck around the space between the shell and the pit.

Step 5: Connect utilities and done

You need an intelligence platform as well as certain equipment to connect the pipes and wires that run to the hot tub. After you’re done connecting everything, pour more concrete between the tub and the concrete slab.

Let everything dry and you’ve got an in-ground hot tub at home.

Cost to build in ground hot tub

The price to build an in-ground hot tub is between $4,000 and $15,000, which is quite expensive.

However, its price includes not only the tub itself but also the costs of installation (expense relating to the site work and excavation). You will need to consult a specialist to build a safe and suitable in-ground hot tub.

Cost for installation will take about $1,000 $ – $5,000. Thus, to build a complete one, it takes an average of about $15,000 – $ 20,000. Besides, it will cost you an additional $100 to operate an in-ground hot tub every month.

It will cost you a lot, but be aware that the in-ground hot tub is the most expensive spa. It is much more attractive than other spas, as well as can beautify your garden landscape.


The above article about how to install in ground hot tub may sound troublesome and quite expensive compared to buying a portable bathtub, but the benefits as well as the relaxation that the in-ground hot tub offers are undeniable. Since you put a lot of effort, time, and money into an in-ground jacuzzi, make sure it fits your taste. Plus, just enjoy the backyard paradise.

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