Owning a hot tub also comes with a lot of responsibilities. One of them is drainage that is essential know-how for every hot tub owner.

Draining a hot tub is not similar to draining a bathtub. The tool you can use is as simple as a garden hose. If you don’t know how to drain hot tub with hose properly, our article is here to guide you throughout the process step-by-step.

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Why do you need to drain your hot tub?

It’s just an issue of hygiene. Even though you are sanitizing the hot tub water and shocking regularly, it’s still the same water every day if you don’t drain it. Regardless of how diligent you are with water maintenance, the water will still need to be replaced.

Each time your hot tub is in use, organic pollutants are released into the water, including lotions, bodily fluid, cosmetics, etc. These pollutants and bacteria negatively impact not only the water but also the pipes.

The contaminants accumulate and become layers of biofilm, made from bacteria and fungi. The longer this biofilm attaches to the pipes, the more the pollutants end up in the water. Allow them to build up for too long, and they will obstruct water flow and reduce filter performance.

Signs that your hot tub needs drainage

Your hot tub can give you some signals to let you know when you should drain it. First, you can smell some foul odors that your hot tub gives off. Second, the water is not clear regardless of whatever you do.

Your hot tub is more in need of drainage when you’ve been using it a lot more than normal, you’ve invited significantly more guests into the hot than normal, or the hot tub has remained unused for a long while.

If any of those circumstances apply to you, it’s time to take action.

How to drain hot tub with hose?

A garden hose will help you drain your hot tub as quickly and simply as possible thanks to gravity. Below are 6 steps that you should follow to use a garden hose for hot tub drainage.

Step 1: Connect the garden hose to a faucet. Place the open end of the hose in the hot tub & begin filling it. The goal is to fully fill water inside the hose with as few air bubbles as possible in the line.


Step 2: Turn the water inside the hose bibb off after the flow gets into the tub. Submerge the hose end in the tub or it will have to be refilled with water.


Step 3: Make a hose kink located a few feet underneath the hose bibb connection. This effectively traps the water within the hose.

hot tub with hose

Step 4: Detach the hose from the water tap. You’ll need to keep the hose kink until the tail that you’re holding is below the tub’s water level. This is when gravity enters the picture.


Step 5: When you have held the kinked end underneath the water level of your hot tub, you are in a pre-selected position to which you prefer the water to flow. In this position, you’ve created a siphon, and the water will begin flowing to the determined lower end of the hose.

hot tub

Step 6: Clean the water. Wipe and dry your hot tub before storing or covering it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Important notice:

Before draining the hot tub, you should turn off the electric breaker of the hot tub to cut the power and prevent the risk of an electrical shock.

After draining the hot tub water, you should pay attention to the potential puddles inside the tub. You can use either a wet or dry vacuum cleaner, your hands, or a brush to remove these puddles.

How often should you drain your hot tub?

Besides the suggested signs or circumstances that indicate when you need to drain your hot tub, draining and cleaning your hot tub on a quarterly basis is a smart practice, whether or not it appears to be in need of drainage.

It’s often preferable to prevent than to correct. You will protect your filter as well as plumbing system by preventing biofilm from forming initially. You’re also keeping your hot tub cleaner and safer.

As a result, it’s always good to keep instructions for drainage nearby so you can follow the step-by-step guideline properly.

How long to drain hot tub with hose?

Draining your hot tub with a garden hose is the lowest-cost drainage option. However, it’s the most time-consuming method, as fully emptying your tub can take hours, which also depends on the size of your hot tub.

But it can give you time to also clean your filter. You can use vinegar, muriatic acid, or a hot tub filter cleaner to clean this component. It’s suggested to clean your filters with a hose monthly or with a filter cleaner every 4 months.

How do you drain a hot tub fast?

If you are in a rush or just lack the patience for gravity to work its wonders, it’s no problem. You can either choose a quick drain hose for hot tub or with the help of a submersible, the drainage process will take minutes instead of hours.

Open your tub drains simultaneously to speed up the process of emptying the tub more quickly.

Since the sump pump will quickly drain the hot tub, remain close by to monitor the water level. If it continues to operate after the water has been drained, the motor can be damaged, so turn off the pump once the water has been removed.

Some pumps will allow the water to get down to under an inch, while other need to be turned off while there are inches of water. Therefore you should read their manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

Regardless of how much water is left, the remaining water will be taken care of by the hot tub drains.

Before leaving

Now that you know how to drain hot tub with a garden hose, remember to clean the interior of the hot tub as well. Do not forget to cover the drain cap, which is a simple step that many people tend to forget.

If you use chemicals to clean your filter and the tub interior, remember to wear protective gloves. Enjoy your time!


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