It is vital to maintain the bromine level in a hot tub at 3-5 ppm, which is ideal. Doing so will help eliminate bacteria in the tub very effectively. If the bromine level exceeds 5 ppm, it can cause many problems. If that is your case, read this article to find out how to lower bromine in a hot tub.

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Can You Use Hot Tubs If Bromine Is High?

The answer is no, you should not use hot tubs if the bromine level is high. This can be very harmful to your eyes, skin, and respiratory system. Your eyes and skin will turn red and itchy and your lungs will be negatively influenced, especially users who are highly sensitive to bromine and chlorine.

Damaging the tub’s surface is amongst many other side effects of bromine in hot tubs. Strong chemical compounds like bromine can degrade surfaces such as acrylic surfaces, pillows, filters, and so on.

How To Know The Bromine Level Is High?

much chlorine in your hot tub

Many users assume that the bromine level is high because they can feel a strong chemical smell. Also, their eyes, nose, and throat begin to hurt. This could be the case, but there could be another reason, which is pH imbalances.

You can tell whether the bromine level in your hot tub is high by observing the condition of your tub’s equipment. The underside of the hot tub’s lid, the headrest, and other soft surfaces sustain buildup or damage.

If the bromine level is high for a long period, it will end up with a break in your hot tub filter.

Also, weak hair and dry skin on your body after using a hot tub can imply a high level of bromine.

All that’s being said, the most reliable way to know whether the bromine level is too high is by testing your hot tub water. You can do it yourself with a hot tub test strip kit. The result will give you some clues of how to handle the situation.

How To Lower Bromine In A Hot Tub?

If you have done the test and the result turns out to be bad, do not worry because lower bromine in a hot tub is not as difficult as it sounds.

The ways to lower the bromine level are quite simple. Follow these steps and you will succeed.

Don’t Do Anything, Just Wait!

Exactly. Just leave the hot tub alone if the test result indicates that the bromine level just slightly exceeds the limit.

You might wonder “how long to lower bromine in hot tubs this way?”. Don’t worry, it will not be for long, just several days.

If you have installed a chlorinator in your hot tub, you should remove this.

You could also test the water once every 12 hours to update the situation. After a few days, if the bromine and chlorine level is still too high, it is time to take action.

Remove The Hot Tub Cover

Remove The Hot Tub Cover

The next thing that you can try is to remove the hot tub cover.

The high heat in the hot tub means that more water can evaporate when the lid is open. The evaporation will remove some of the bromine and chlorine along the way.

Drain And Refill The Water

Once the hot tub water has evaporated, there will be more space for you to add new clean water.

After refilling the water, wait for one and a half hours before re-test the water to see whether the bromine level has decreased.

If the water did not evaporate enough to add new water, or the re-test still shows a high bromine level, it is time for drainage and refilling with fresh water. This should do the trick and the bromine level should be alright now.

If you changed the water a couple of months ago, try doing nothing but changing the water. Don’t waste your money and time trying any other methods.

Lowering the bromine level is always easier by adding freshwater than by balancing the old one.

Use Bromine Neutralizer

If you are waiting forever for the bromine level to diminish by itself, there might be a quicker solution – a bromine neutralizer.

It is an additive for hot tubs and can neutralize bromine concentrations. It is also a great lifesaver when there is too much chlorine in your hot tub.

Be careful if you choose this method. Using too much of this additive can result in a lack of the necessary level of bromine and chlorine to be healthy.

The neutralizer will work until it disappears completely from your water, and it may resolve more bromine than it is supposed to.

Hence, you should read the instructions carefully to ensure adding just a sufficient amount of neutralizer. Adding more neutralizer than needed can end up in unwanted damages, both on your hot tub and your body.

Maintenance Is The Key

For sure, prevention is always better than cure. It’s better to learn how to take good care of your hot tub’s water to avoid issues in the future.

To do that, there are 2 major tasks that you need to complete.

Daily tasks

You should use the filters at least twice per day and for at least one hour each time.

If you use the hot tub on the same day, let the filters work longer to remove all the contaminants released from your body.

Weekly tasks

Pull and wash the filter with clean water or hot tub filter cleaner. Test the water, address and handle possible alkalinity, sanitizer, pH, or calcium chloride issues. If you have added sanitizers already, you can skip it.

Once every few months, you can flush your hot tub’s nozzles and circulation lines with a flushing product. This is also a way to remove the biofilm.

What is more, you should get rid of the algae on the bottom, which contains filths and makes the tub slippery.

Wrapping up

So, how do you reduce bromine in a hot tub? Firstly, testing your hot tub is advised. Then, remember to maintain your hot tub regularly. Don’t forget to follow the manual when using a neutral sanitizer.

Don’t let any high level of bromine, chlorine, or pH bother your soaking!


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