To have a relaxing and safe hot tub soak, we need to always keep the tub clean and make sure it’s at the right temperature before stepping in. So what is a good temp for a hot tub? Read on as we explore more in this article.

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What is a good temp for a hot tub?

Setting your hot tub temp between 100°F and 102°F(~37.7°C and ~38.8°C) will ensure an enjoyable experience for most users. It’s the ideal temp to make the most of the soothing and healing effects of hot water.

Some prefer to set their hot tub at 104°F(~40°C), which is the standard maximum temp.

Our average body temp is usually 98.6°F (37°C), while this range can be broader, from 97°F to 99°F (which is ~36.1°C to ~37.2°C).

So if the hot tub water is above 37°C, it’s prone to cause some potential health risks. If the hot tub water is under 37°C, you might feel cold, especially when the outside temp is low.

What should be the hot tub temperature when not in use? If you are going away for a long time, set it 5 degrees lower than when it is in regular use. By doing so, you can save on your electricity bill and properly protect the tub components.

What happens if you set the temp too high?

When the hot tub temp exceeds 104°F, you’re likely to experience some health problems related to hyperthermia like heat cramps or rashes.

Some might suffer from heat exhaustion or even stroke. The older the bathers are, the higher these issues can happen to them.

For young children and pregnant children, the risks are about the same.

If you have high blood pressure or a heart condition, ask for your doctors’ recommendation on the best hot tub temp and duration for you.

Normally, healthy people can have a soak of 15 – 30 minutes, but you might be allowed to soak in the tub for a shorter time (of about 10 minutes only). Remember, do not stay in your hot tub for too long as you can suffer some health issues.

Hot tub temperature for children

Hot tub temperature for children

The sweat rates of kids (especially very young kids) are generally lower than adults, so if you have them in the tub with you, it’s best to set the temp not higher than 95°F(~35°C).

While most kids are tempted to stay in the tub for a long time, limit it to 5-10 minutes only, because they’re at much higher risks of getting overheated than adults.

High-temperature hot tub water can easily lead to unconsciousness, potentially resulting in drowning in kids.

With that said, pay extra attention to your little ones when you allow them to soak in the tub with you. Make sure they always stay well-hydrated by keeping water handy.

What is more important, if your kids are under five years old, keep them out of hot tubs for their own safety.

Hot tub temp for health conditions

Soaking in the hot tub helps us to relax, ease our muscle pains and improve mental health. However, depending on each individual’s health conditions, you should use it with extra care.

Pregnant women

Pregnant women

Most pregnant women have higher body temperature than other people. Their low heat intolerance, added with excessive temp from the hot tub can lead to harmful effects to their unborn child.

The risks are especially higher during the first few weeks of their pregnancy.

Now, if you’re pregnant and your doctor allows you to use the tub, pay attention to the following details before stepping into your hot tub:

  • Keep the temp at 100°F
  • Do not have a long soak, keep it less than 10 minutes
  • Always keep your chest above the water level
  • Do not have a solo soak, only soak in the tub when there is another adult with you.
  • If experience an irregular heartbeat or feel dizzy, you should get out of the tub immediately.

People with a heart condition

If you have heart-related diseases, please consult your doctors for their opinions before taking the soak. Your doctors know your health conditions the best and can consult you on how to soak safely.

When it’s hot, you usually evaporate sweat, and sweating makes you cool off. However, this normal evaporation mechanism does not work when you soak in hot water.

When your body can’t cool down through sweating, it gets superheated, which can lead to dizziness, abnormal heart rhythms, or even a heart attack.

Given this, if you have suspected heart conditions or have a history of heart disease, soak with caution and follow these tips:

  • Choose a low temp of between 95°F to 98°F(~35°Cto 36.6°F). This temp is still warm and soothing enough to allow an enjoyable soak while minimizing the risks you might have.
  • Limit your time in the hot tub to less than 10 minutes.
  • Stay hydrated by sipping cool water as you soak.

Ideal temperature for summer & winter hot tub

hot tub winter

During the summer months, setting the water temp between 80°Fto 85°F (which is equivalent to ~26.6°C to ~29.4 °C) would give you a refreshing soak.

The minimum temperature for a hot tub in summer should be around 78.8°F (~26°C). Still, different hot tub users have their own preferred temp, so you might want to test and adjust accordingly to have your best temp for a comforting soak.

During winter, it’s common sense to have warmer hot tub water. The best temperature for hot tub in winter should be between 102°F to 104°F(~38.8°C to ~40°C).

If your hot tub is in an outdoor space, make sure it is well covered so that the hot tub water can have a constant high temp.

Also, it should be noted that a sudden move from freezing cold weather to extremely hot water can cause respiratory infections.

In colder months of the year, it’s tempting to stay in the warm water for longer than usual. Combating the frigid cold weather by soaking in the hot tub is just fantastic.

However, keep an eye on your time in the tub and limit it to less than 20 minutes only for your own safety.

Last words,

What is a good temp to set a hot tub? Setting your hot tub between 100°F and 102°F (~37.7°C and ~38.8°C) would ensure a safe and comfortable soak experience. Even though hot tub soaks can bring wonderful health benefits, pregnant women and people with a heart condition should consult doctors before taking the soak.


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