Is a hot tub also referred to as a jacuzzi? If you’re a first-time buyer, getting confused seems to be inevitable. While hot tub and Jacuzzi are used interchangeably, they are dissimilar.

Now, what is the difference between a hot tub and a jacuzzi? Is a hot tub and jacuzzi the same thing? Read on to find out more.

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A hot tub

As the name suggests, a hot tub is a tub that can contain hot water, which users can soak in to relax and release muscle tension and joint pain.

In the 1970s, when hot tubs were first made, they were only known as wooden tubs of around 4-8 jets without high-speed pumps.

These days, thanks to the development of advanced technologies, hot tubs are outfitted with many useful features like LED lighting systems, electronic controls, MP3 audio systems, just to name a few.

A jacuzzi

Jacuzzi is a trademark brand of hot tubs and other pool equipment. The Jacuzzi company has a history of inventing underwater pumps that were used to treat patients with arthritis pain in the last century. Its popularity has led to the generalization of this brand name for this product type.

Basically, the brand was just so famous, thanks to their years of continuous product innovation, that the public associated it with the hot tub itself. So it’s similar to the association of Kleenex brand for tissues, Hoover for vacuum cleaners, Thermos for vacuum flask, Escalator for moving stairway, Chapstick for lip balm, just to name a few.

So, is a hot tub the same as a jacuzzi? By now, you’ve probably had your own answer. But let us just dig a little deeper to clear up any confusion that you might still have.

What is the difference between a hot tub and a jacuzzi?

is a hot tub the same as a jacuzzi

As explained above, Jacuzzi was probably one of the first hot tub brands, and since it was so well-known years ago, it became an eponym for hot tubs.

That being said, a hot tub is different from a jacuzzi. There is a broad range of hot tubs manufactured by many brands on the market, and they can be made with similar, lower, or higher quality compared to jacuzzis.

Hot tub manufacturers all try to include unique features in their models to set themselves apart from their competitors.

Hot tubs and jacuzzis can have similar features, like massaging jets, cushioned headrests, or seats. In the same manner, some hot tub models are equipped with functions that jacuzzis are not.

For example, thanks to technological innovations, you can find hot tubs with advanced built-in MP3 audio systems or therapeutic captain’s chairs for an elevated soaking experience.

Other different monikers of hot tubs

Aside from jacuzzis, many people also confuse hot tubs with other terms. Below are a few typical examples:


The word “spa” has a few different meanings.

It can be used for water treatment. So you can think of mineral-rich springs or waterscapes in spa resorts that are well-known for their rejuvenating benefits and curative powers.

Some people, especially those in the US, also use the word “spa” to refer to beauty and health treatment services, including pampering facial and body care massages. Pedicure and foot massage is also included in the list of services of these beauty spas.

Lastly, a spa can also mean a standalone hot tub with powerful jets for health treatment purposes. Almost all spas have an in-ground structure, whereas hot tubs can be portable with built-in plumbing and electricity systems.

Jetted tub

Jetted tubs are true to their name, bathtubs that feature several jets connected with pipes around their bodies. They can be installed in the master bathroom of large houses or luxurious resorts.

Water in jetted tubs is usually drained after use, so they do not come with filters and covers.

Whirlpool bath

A whirlpool bath is one of the two most popular types of jetted tubs. The other one is air tubs.

So what is the difference between air tubs and whirlpool baths? While both of them can give you a luxurious bathing experience, they’re not similar.

As the name implies, an air tub pumps out air through its jets. A whirlpool bath, on the other hand, releases jets of water. That said, air tubs are generally smaller than whirlpool baths, which also means the former gives you gentle, bubbly massages, while the latter provides deep massaging effects while

Therapy tub

Therapy tubs refer to the tubs used to release muscle tension of athletes. As such, they can be found in sports training facilities. While most of them are used with hot water, others are used with cold water as a preventative measure for sports-related injuries.

Other hot tub brands

Is a hot tub and jacuzzi the same thing

Aside from the Jacuzzi manufacturer, there are a few other famous hot tub brands, and some are listed right below for your reference.

Marquis Spas

First established in 1980 with headquarters in Oregon, Marquis Spas is well-known on the market for its quality and reliability.

With a series of product lines, you can find lots of Marquis Spas hot tubs for two persons to eight persons. Their hot tubs’ prices vary from $4,000 to more than $16,000.

While many other hot tub manufacturers have relocated their production site to other countries to save costs, Marquis still has their factories in the US.

So if you choose to buy your hot tub from this company, you’re assured that it’s a US-made tub that you can soak in with confidence and optimal enjoyment.

Sundance Spa

The first hot tubs of Sundance Spa were launched into the market in 1979. Their products come in varying shapes and sizes, and you can find entry-level models of around $4,000 only. But there are also many other high-end hot tubs with price ranges varying from $8000 to $16,000.

With reliable engineering technology, Sundance Spas are most famous for its acrylic hot tubs that have won customers’ trust over the years.

Sundance offers customers beautifully made hot tubs in an array of classic and charming shades. Regardless of your preference, from soothing to bold hues, there is always a color palette that blends perfectly with your interior or backyard decor.

Hot Spring

Founded in 1977, Hot Spring engineers have always paid utmost attention to details in their design and manufacturing process. This results in a selection of reliable and energy-efficient hot tubs with well-built and soothing massage features.

Their tubs also come with various jet options, offering customers a wide choice.

So, which is better: Jacuzzi or hot tub?

I hope you’ve now known the difference between a hot tub and a jacuzzi. Since the association of well-known brand names with product types is quite common, it’s easy to get confused.

However, it’s best not to get lured into fancy brand names and only choose well-made and durable hot tubs sold at reasonable prices.

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