While many of us find it difficult to choose outfits to go out on the street, a less common but not less important concern is to find what to wear in a hot tub.

In this article, we will suggest to you what you should pick to wear when using a hot tub in summer and winter.

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What to wear in a hot tub in summer?

There are some factors that you should consider when choosing what to wear in a hot tub.

Hot-tub swimsuit

hot tub summer

If you often wear a swimsuit when swimming, it’s highly recommended that you get a bathing suit only for hot tub usage. The main reason is that mixed with the hot tub water, biological agents and minerals contained in the natural bodies of water can be harmful.

Bathing suits having been used on the beach can accumulate sunscreen and lotion which may compromise your hot tub,

Go for cheaper yet durable clothes

Hot tubs have chemicals like chlorine which can cause damage to your swimsuits over time. Therefore, you should opt for less expensive but heavy-duty bathing suits made of a durable material like nylon.

Rinse your swimsuits

Make sure you’re wearing a clean bathing suit when you enter the hot tub. If you really care about the quality of your hot tub experience,  it’s recommended that you ask your family, friends, or other guests to rinse off before entering the hot tub.

Don’t wear shorts

Even though swim trunks are acceptable in a spa, everyday shorts like jean shorts, cargo shorts, and so on are not recommended because the chlorine in the hot tub can damage the fiber in these regular clothes.

The swim trunks that you may wear to enter the hot tub should be made of a durable material such as nylon as mentioned above.

Think twice when choosing birthday suit

A hot tub can be similar to a bath in a way, so being nude can be an option. But you might not want to be without any bathing attire because of some reasons.

First, you don’t want to be seen in your natural state. Second, the hot tub is placed in someone else’s home or in a spa.

However, if these reasons don’t apply to you, feel free to nakedly dip in the hot tub.

What to wear in a hot tub in winter?

When it’s cold wherever you enjoy a hot tub, proper cold winter outfits are necessary. Below are some items that we highly recommend you wear when taking a hot tub during winter.


hot tub winter

This great item can keep your hair hidden and dry. It also saves your ears from the cold. In addition, you can keep warm when you enjoy all the benefits of a hot tub since a beanie won’t be an obstacle to your activities.

Waterproof sandals/shoes

These pieces of clothing will keep your feet warm before and after you step out of the hot tub. During winter, you don’t want to step on cold snow or debris in your bear wet feet.

Facial moisturizer

Facial moisturizer will protect your face from cold wind. It helps to maintain some moisture on your skin, preventing it from drying out because of the cold.

A good moisturizer will act as a barrier between the hot tub water and your pores, which prevents your skin from absorbing any harmful chemicals. In the water.

Keep this in mind

When using a hot tub at home, at someone else’s home, or in public, you should pay attention to some things below.

Don’t wear attires that cause you discomfort

Remember that you take a hot tub for relaxation. Therefore, you should feel comfortable with the outfits that you choose when entering the hot tub.

If the attires you choose cause you discomfort, whether because you don’t own any proper outfits or you are dressing to impress other people, you’ll never benefit from the positive effects that the hot tub offers.

Rinse the swimsuit before dipping in the tub

If you wear a swimsuit, before going in a hot tub, you should rinse it thoroughly to maintain the quality of the tub water.

Clean yourself

A hot tub is not really a bathtub, so you and other bathers should be clean before entering the tub since you will share it with others.

You can take a quick shower before enjoying the soothing bubbles that the hot tub offers. However, you should avoid products such as lotions, deodorants, conditioners as well as oils that lead to hot water cloudiness and make the tub filter work harder.

No diving

This advice may sound abundant but hot tubs are not for diving or jumping into. Despite this obvious fact, some people still do that probably because they have not been sober.

Please do not display any risky or deviant behavior at the hot tub. Keep in mind that you are doing this to relax and unwind. For unnecessary problems to occur, you should avoid serving alcohol before and during hot tub hours.

Kids & Pets

Regardless of how clean your pets are, they should not be allowed to enter the hot tub.

First, it’s not very hygienic to share a hot tub with your pets, considering their shedding hair. Second, the heat from the hot tub can be dangerous for your pets. Lastly, their hair can clog up the tub filter and cause cloudiness to the water.

As for kids, they can enter the hot tub as long as they are under their parents’ or guardians’ supervision. Kids, especially young children, should never be alone or left out of sight when they are in the hot tub.

The takeaway

What is best to wear in a hot tub regardless of the season depends on what brings you the most comfort. In essence, by choosing to use a hot tub, you can be laid-back and relaxed, so wear whatever you want as long as the clothes don’t negatively affect the quality of your hot tub water.

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